Ana Cheri Biography, Net Worth, Age, Family & More

Ana Cheri is a widely-known American model and entrepreneur whose influence on social media is noticeable. She is famous for her stunning looks and also for her knowledge of fitness.

Here is Ana Cheri Biography. You must understand that her outstanding work as a model is the main reason for her popularity beyond the modeling industry. She is a true fitness icon within the social media space, her autobiography, net worth, and journey have inspired many.

Ana Cheri Biography

Ana Cheri Biography, Net Worth

From being an ordinary model to becoming an international health icon and a successful entrepreneur, Ana Cheri’s journey has been very tough.

Ana Cheri’s Biography is worthy of knowing because she embodies the successful intersection of beauty, fitness, and business acumen.

She is a committed and hardworking personality. Her unique ancestry combined with her physical fitness has made her into a distinctive personality and industry leader.

She is proof of how passion and persistence can lead to great success in multiple fields. She inspires her millions of followers with motivational content and entrepreneurial spirit

Ana Cheri Real Name

The full name of Ana Cheri is Ana Garcia but she has built a strong brand around her shortened name (Ana Cheri) that resonates internationally.

Ana Cheri Date of Birth

She was born on May 16th, 1986 in Anaheim, California so she is 37 years old as of May 15th this year (2024).

Physical Appearance

She is tall with a height of 5 feet 7 inches and her weight is sixty kilograms. Body measurements are 38-25-36 inches which means a physique that comes from strict fitness routines. She has naturally brown eyes & brunette hair,  sporting blonde looks with a fit & athletic appearance.

Family & Relationship

Southern California-based Alvin and Amanda are the parents who raised her. Ben Moreland is Ana’s husband –a professional fitness expert- and they have been with each other for many years. They both are happy personally due to their shared love for sport and fitness. They run a personal fitness club called Be More Athletic. 


Although she finished her primary education in California, there aren’t many details about where she went for higher education. However, it is well known that she pursued her studies with determination. She often emphasizes the importance of education and self-improvement to her followers.


The career of Ana Cheri started when she was named Playboy Magazine’s Playmate in October 2015. This recognition brought her significant attention and opened doors to numerous opportunities in the modeling industry.

With names such as Moskova Underwear, K&N Filters, Monster Energy Drinks, and Shredz Supplements she quickly became a sought-after model.

In addition to being a model by profession, Ana has used the power of social media to gain a huge following. She has become one of Instagram’s top influencers with over 13 million followers on the platform.

Through social media popularity, she started and promoted her businesses including Want My Look (an activewear line) and a Santa Ana-based gym known as Be More Athletics owned by Anah Cheri.

Her trendy yet affordable workout clothes have been especially popular among teenagers & young adults in America.

Ana is also known for her philanthropy. She is active in charity events and uses her platforms to support various causes. The industry holds Ana Cheri in high regard because she has managed to balance her career obligations with her charity work.


Ana Cheri has a wide variety of hobbies and interests that show off her dynamic personality. To supplement her fitness-oriented lifestyle, she enjoys combat sports such as wrestling and martial arts.

Pizza, ice cream, protein shakes, and tacos are among the foods that she likes most. Dubai is one of Ana’s best destinations when traveling. She loves traveling a lot. For instance, she loves skateboarding or playing soccer, suggesting how adventurous she is.

Ana Cheri Net Worth

Ana Cheri has a net worth estimated at approximately $6 million by 2024. Ana Cheri’s Net Worth is huge because of Modeling contracts, endorsements by brands, social media sponsorships, and entrepreneurial ventures.

One of the main sources of Ana’s wealth is through monetizing her social media presence which results in significant earnings from sponsored posts and collaborations with brands. Her companies Be More Athletics and Want My Look also contribute to this income.

The success Ana is proof enough that hard work pays it demonstrates strategic thinking skills as well as the ability to adapt to changing market trends.

She continues to grow her brand while exploring new opportunities. It will not be surprising if she keeps on increasing her net worth year after year.

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FAQs – Ana Cheri Biography

How Old Is Ana Cheri?

Ana Cheri was born on May 16th, 1986 making her now 37 years old.

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